May 22, 2018 Tuesday from 08:30 AM to 07:00 PM (PDT)
Hotel Nikko 222 Mason St Ca

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About 2018 San Francisco CTO Summit

If you are technical and manage engineers, learn from and connect with your peers at the fifth annual San Francisco CTO Summit. This years summit includes presentations by senior engineering leaders from Reddit, WeWork, CodeClimate, CircleCI, StitchFix, Zenefits, InVision, LaunchDarkly, RainforestQA and more. Tickets will sell out quickly, so get yours now!

Whether you're an engineering manager, VPE or CTO, at this full day (8.30am-8pm), single track summit you'll learn the latest tricks other companies are using to successfully build and run engineering teams. It’s not hard to find a gathering of technologists debating front end frameworks, containerization or the relative benefits of Scala, Clojure and Go. Finding a group of geeks talking about the hard parts of building a successful engineering team is more challenging. Whether you want to hire smarter, refine your culture, improve your processes, manage more effectively or adopt better engineering practices or architectures, the CTO Summits are designed to help you to learn from top practitioners and to share experiences with your peers. 

The Speakers:
- Cathy Polinsky: CTO, StitchFix: So It Turns Out You Do Need Product Managers
- Rob Zuber: CTO, CircleCI: Words Matter - Ubiquitous Language & Throughput
- Edith Harbaugh: CEO/Cofounder, LaunchDarkly: The wrong way to feature flag
- Bryan Helmkamp: Founder/CEO, CodeClimate: Lessons from our doomed pull requests
- Laks Srini: CTO, Zenefits: My experiments with Conway’s law
- Cat Posey: Senior Director, CapitalOne: The Challenge Will not Wait
- Ellen Chisa: CEO/Cofounder, Dark Inc.: Matching product validation strategy to company stage
- Bjorn Freeman-Benson: CTO, InVision: Seventeen things that have bitten us but shouldn’t have
- Heather Rivers: CTO, Mode Analytics: Lessons from the Black Box
- Russ Smith: CTO, RainforestQA: Quality vs. QA
- Randy Shoup: VP of Engineering, WeWork: Moving Fast at Scale
- Julia Grace: Senior Director: Slack: 10 Lessons Learned from Building Engineering Teams Under Pressure
- Kwame Thomison:  Principal, Magnetic Management Consulting: Cheat Codes for Managing Application Performance
- Ron Lichty: Consulting VP Engineering, Ron Lichty Consulting: Dream Teams - Making Your Dream (Team) Come True  
- Cherise Esparza-Gutierrez: Co-Founder & CTO, SecurityGate: Toughest words a CTO says - Hold on the code
- Johnny Austin: Head of Navigation Data, Mapbox: RPC - Remote People Call - Managing Globally Distributed Teams
- Beth Andres-Beck: Software Engineering Manager, The Long-Term Stock Exchange: Diversity Is the Bar
- Jonathan Moore: CEO, Rowdy Orbit: Criminal Background = Kick Ass Developer
- Tara Hernandez: Engineering Manager, Google: Angst Aikido - The Art of Making Scary Engineering Culture Change 
- Jez Humble: CTO DevOps Research and Assessment: What I Learned from 4 Years of Researching the Crap out of devOps!

Attendance to the event is strictly limited to engineering leaders. No recruiters, non-technical co-founders or other business stakeholders will be allowed (we enforce this policy strictly and will refund tickets of anyone we can’t admit). That said, we’re not hung up on job titles. Some of our best attendees have titles like CEO or VP Product. As long as you can perform a technical code review, know how to submit a pull request and are interested in more effectively hiring, managing and organizing developers, we can’t wait to meet you!

We're holding the event just off Market street at the Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Refund policy: Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for tickets. We are, however happy to transfer them up to one week before the event to another engineering leader or to a future event.

See you at

Hotel Nikko

Hotel Nikko 222 Mason St San Francisco Ca USA 94102

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CTO Connection is an international community where engineering leaders can connect with and learn from their peers. We believe in the power of in-person experiences to activate relationships and motivate learning, so in 2018 we are launching 40+ monthly meetups around the world and are running three CTO Summits and two engineering leadership bootcamps. We also believe in the value of online communities to sustain and deepen connections and understanding, so we're launching an invitation-only online community for engineering leaders later this year.

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