CARE Leadership Weekend December 2018

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Dec 20, 2018 to Dec 24, 2018 from Thursday, 06:00 PM to Monday, 10:00 AM (CEST)
Haus Schwarzwaldsonne Herrenfelder Straße 13

About CARE Leadership Weekend December 2018

Are you a CARE Group leader, a youth leader or do you want to follow God's calling for your life to become one? Join us this December for the second CARE Leadership Weekend in Freudenstadt, Germany to experience extensive leadership training, mind-blowing studies and excellent networking opportunities. Leaders, preachers and young goal-oriented Christians from around Europe are coming together to bring the CARE movement forward. Be part of it and register today.

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Haus Schwarzwaldsonne

Haus Schwarzwaldsonne Herrenfelder Straße 13 Freudenstadt Germany 72250

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Sylvain Romain  HopeToShare 

Sylvain was born in France and pursued his studies in Theology after following God's radical calling for a miraculous change in his life. He pastored in Germany and Austria and served as a missionary in Northern Africa and Thailand. Many years after his calling, he discovered the immense potential in the Arabic world and started his ministry HopeToShare. By leading Muslims to Jesus and His last church, Sylvain does what he loves most: preaching the Word and sharing it with differently minded people. Sylvain has held seminars in over 60 different countries and this December, he will be accompanied by his wife Ljiljana and his children Sophie and Silas.

At the second CARE Leadership Weekend, Sylvain is going to share how one can effectively bring nonbelievers to a CARE Group and ultimately to Christ.

Derrol Sawyer  Moses' Song Ministries

Derrol grew up in New York City. Despite his mom's best efforts to point him into the direction of godly living, he was influenced by hours of television, secular radio stations and the spectacular city life. After graduating from college, he used his talents to pursue a promising career as an actor. But after years being in the show business, God called him back to His own. An old friend invited him to her CARE Group Bible study on Friday night. Derrol agreed and came to that one meeting that would change his life. He felt a tremendous peace and love like never before and decided to give his life to the LORD. The following years, he was shown things as they truly are behind the scenes in show business and in 2000, Derrol quit everything and started his own ministry.
At the CARE Leadership Weekend, Derrol is going to talk about the power of music, how it forms character and how we as CARE Groups leaders can use it to strengthen our ministry for God. 







About the Organizer

CARE Network Ministry

C.A.R.E. stands for Christ's Attitude Reflected in Everyone. After bringing the first CARE Group from San Diego, USA to Detmold, Germany, the unique movement first originated in Melbourne, Australia expanded and reached European soil in 2015. On February 3, 2018 at the first-ever CARE Congress in Germany, over 40 people made a commitment to start their own CARE Group in their home town. The CARE Network Ministry focusses on sustainable growth and purpose-oriented expansion, as well as bringing the Three Angel's Message to all nation, kindred, tongue and people. There is no better way of finishing the work than looking back to the roots of the Christian church (as displayed in Acts 2) and forming small groups that eat, pray and study together. Welcome to the CARE Network.

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