FAST Defense Ground Fighting Against Multiple Assailants - Indiana

May 14, 2017 Sunday from 01:00 PM to 04:30 PM (EDT)
ATA Excellence Martial Arts 111 W Rush St Indiana

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About FAST Defense Ground Fighting Against Multiple Assailants - Indiana

Physical altercations can end up on the ground due to a number of reasons such as being pushed, pulled, tripped, tackled, or sucker punched. Ending up on the ground while facing multiple assailants can lead to an extremely dangerous situation.This FAST Defense Ground Fighting course provides solutions for escaping multiple assailant attacks that have ended up on the ground for whatever reason.

Learn how to deal with worst case scenarios such as:
-Fighting from your back against mounted attackers in various positions
-Fighting from your stomach against mounted attackers in various positions
-Various hands and knee scenarios with attackers in different positions

Date: Sunday May 14
Time: 1pm-4:30pm
Location: ATA Excellence Martial Arts Kendallville, IN
Cost: $60

While previous attendance to a basic FAST Defense Ground Fighting course would be highly beneficial prior to taking this course, it's not absolutely necessary.

Suitable for women, men, and teens ages 13 and older.

This unique FAST Defense course isn't offered very often. Come see what sets FAST Defense apart from other self-defense and personal safety courses.

Presented by President of FAST Defense Global, Todd Miller.
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ATA Excellence Martial Arts

ATA Excellence Martial Arts 111 W Rush St Kendallville Indiana USA 46755

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About the Organizer

Steve Zorn - Personal Safety Unlimited

Steve Zorn has been involved in the field of personal safety for 27 years. He has cross-trained in a variety of martial arts, self-defense, and combatives systems; including various law enforcement and crime prevention programs. His accomplishments include- Founder of Personal Safety Unlimited Founder of Simple Defense Holder of multiple martial arts black belts Certified CQC instructor Certified law enforcement instructor Certified child safety instructor Certified women's self-defense instructor Certified Kid Escape Instructor Certified FAST Defense Instructor Certified USCCA firearms instructor Creator of numerous specialized self-defense courses Former self-defense instructor for United Airlines Designated International Crime Prevention Specialist Over the years he has had the privilege of providing services to men, women, children, teens, and seniors from all walks of life. Along with offering regular courses Steve continues to pursue advanced training and certifications each year. He specializes in women's self-defense / rape prevention, edged weapon use and defense, and adrenal stress response training.

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