Free seminar "Anti Virus Software Does Not Prevent Adware"

Free seminar "Anti Virus Software Does Not Prevent Adware"

March 26, 2020 Thursday from 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM (PST)
Montgomery County Business Solutions Center 1435 Cincinnati St #300, Dayton, OH 45417, United States OH

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About Free seminar "Anti Virus Software Does Not Prevent Adware"

Here is some information that I intend to share with you at my seminar. I hope you are interested!

Anti Virus Software Does Not Prevent Adware

You may have thought that adware programs are prevented by anti virus software. Unfortunately they are not often caught by anti virus software as they are invited by you the user as a piece of welcome software.

Newer versions of anti virus programs will start to catch some adware programs but what you tend to find is that an adware program appears to a user as a popup offering some utility software. The unsuspecting user will then choose to load the program thinking that the software will work as a free download without causing problems.

The truth is that the adware software is paid for by advertising and sponsorship. The way the software creates revenue for the creator is by altering the way your computer operates and steering your web browser to selected sites that pay for inclusion in some advertising, marketing or other promotion program.

Stealware In Adware Creates An Online Intruder On Your Computer

In their most basic form they provide free advertising on your computer, these may appear as popups or popunders. A more extreme form of adware may alter the way your browser searches when you go to a search engine. Then there is the most extreme form of adware tactic which is stealware. Stealware can alter the codes when you go shopping online and in some cases pass through information about your private details, including your credit cards and so on.

The very security mechanism built into the browser like
128 bit encryption are powerless when adware software is used to spy on you in a spyware form. In this method of attack, the software becomes an intruder on your system. You might as well have someone sitting and watching what you do over your shoulder. Your privacy online is gone forever and no matter how up-to-date your anti virus program is at this point there is little you can do.

You could try to remove the adware by downloading another program but a lot of people trust free adware to remove adware which is a bit like asking a thief to watch over your wallet. The best thing you can do is never download software from an un-trusted source, never open email attachments that are executable software, keep your anti virus program up-to-date and have your firewall properly configured.

VPN service - protection or threat?

To protect your computer from adware, Internet security experts recommend installing VPN and firewall. But very often, free VPN services infect user computers with adware. For example, when installing some VPN programs, a toolbar may be installed for a browser that will open windows with intrusive advertising. To avoid this threat, use only premium VPNs such as VeePN better internet. We don’t  recommend saving on internet security. A greedy user, as you know, pays twice. Use only reliable VPN services and anti-virus programs. Premium VPN services usually do not collect user data and do not disclose the user's web surfing history to third parties. By purchasing such a service, you can be sure of a high degree of your anonymity and privacy on the Internet.
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