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Jun 24, 2017 to Jun 25, 2017 from Saturday, 07:30 AM to Sunday, 05:30 PM (PDT)
Portland OR

About PDX | TORIS Workshop

Introduction to the Threat Oriented Rapid Incapacitation System. This 20-hour workshop covers the TORIS methodology (including the basics of our proprietary Simulator) for usable options, capacity, and control in scenarios where incapacitating techniques are justified and necessary.
  • Learn the cognitive, physical and social elements of personal combat
  • Experience the stress impact from real attacks
  • Train to fight for your life—without risking it
  • See why disorientation is your worst nightmare
  • Find out how your current training may be setting you up for failure
The Threat Oriented Rapid Incapacitation System is an easily learned method for total incapacitation, with a novel focus on skill-integration and stress induction. On top of this framework, we teach personnel the 13 Training Benchmarks for lethal force, our RI Strategic Systems©, and introduce our phased practice of Marksmanship, Integration, and Simulation. Course materials will cover the mechanisms of high-risk human injuries, their medical short/long-term impact and, where appropriate, its immediate combat value. Subjects include:
  • Transitioning From Primary to Personal Weapons Systems
  • Force Escalation/Deescalation
  • Integrating Combat Stress
  • Knife Wounding and Carry Considerations
  • Understanding Neurological Inertia
Additionally, personnel will learn to use a risk-aware safety template when training or using techniques that expose themselves and their agencies to injury and liability. "Safety in Training" means training-in safety, and providing debilitating technique training without reciprocal safety information is simply negligent. Upon successful completion of the Course Of Instruction, students will understand debilitating injury, its medical short-term/long- term impact, and have demonstrable skill in rapidly incapacitating opponents.
  • COI will promote decision-making, and students will be informed of injury/liability.
  • Scenarios and Simulation will address multiple threats.
  • COI will be conducted in (and account for) practical equipment, i.e. tactical kit, including body armor, primary and secondary weapons systems, etc.
  • Classroom to hands-on training time ratio approximately 15% classroom and 85% hands-on, with written examinations.

Because of the nature of this information, TORIS may require a background check. We use a service that is more stringent than the California LiveScan system for gun-ownership, to ensure the safety of our students and community.
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TORIS develops and tests your abilities in critical incidents, while mimicking how you recall dangerous events. We prepare you for crisis and assaults through direct exposure to threats in a highly-stressful, simulated environment.

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