The Failure School - October 9th

The Failure School - October 9th

October 07, 2017 Saturday from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM (HKT)
IdeaSpace Foundation 4F, PHILCOX BUILDING, 172 SALCEDO STREET Metro Manila

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About The Failure School - October 9th

Too often we see kids struggling through school to memorize facts just so they can pass exams. We see college students spending four long, hard years at college studying and when they finally get a job after graduating, they find that the skills they have gained aren't a good match for the job.

Managers at companies who employ these fresh graduates often find that they don't possess the skills needed to think creatively, problem solve and push themselves beyond their comfort zone to truly add value to the company they work at.

In the modern world, what businesses, managers and the rest of the world needs is people who are able to explore, understand and make sense of real-world problems; people who are creative thinkers; people who can lead; people who are comfortable learning and re-learning and, unfortunately, often that's not a mindset people learn in high school or college.

What happens on each day

Day 1 of the course introduces students to the concept of empathizing with people through face-to-face interviews and being comfortable experimenting, getting user feedback and iterating then testing again. Students learn to not become attached to ideas or solutions and track everything back to solving real problems for real people because if we're not doing that, what's the point?

Day 2 to day 30 is where we guide the students through implementing what they've learned and applying it in real world situations. Students have regular weekly deliverables to ensure they stay on track and online or face to face support from our team. Students must be available for 6 hours at the beginning of the program, 3 hours every Saturday during the program and are expected to spend 1 - 4 hours during the week on homework activities.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the training, you will:

Understand and be ready to apply Design Thinking
Know how to create customer-centered products and services
Know how to involve customers in the design process and get feedback early and often
Be comfortable being out of your comfort zone experimenting and learning
Know how to ask for feedback to validate ideas
Know how to quickly validate an idea
Know how to validate user feedback on business ideas

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IdeaSpace Foundation

IdeaSpace Foundation 4F, PHILCOX BUILDING, 172 SALCEDO STREET Makati City Metro Manila Philippines 1229

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