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Sell & Get Paid

Sell tickets or collect donations. Merchants can collect funds using Stripe, PayPal or even Bitcoin. Get paid in every two days or sooner. Ability to set prices in multiple currencies. Accept debit cards, credit cards, echecks, or Bitcoin.

Design Your Event Page

Ticketbase gives you full control over your event page, and provides many themes to use as a starting point. Easily add speakers, sponsors, text boxes all drag and drop. You can go from a full page view, a slim layout, or embed tickets on your own website. With our editing tools, you have control of your event page.

Customer Support

Need help? We're here to help you with same day responses to questions you have. In addition to having our help, Ticketbase provides you with an email management tool for you to manage inbound questions from your attendees and delegate this communication to your team.

Embed Tickets on Your Site

With embed codes you can display tickets on your website. With our theme editor, you can customize buttons and embed widget colors to match your website. Last you can change the size of the embed widgets to fit your page.

Ask Custom Questions

Many events need to ask custom questions. What's your t-shirt size? Chicken or Fish? Do you agree to this liability waiver? Any question you can dream up, you can ask and collect and export responses from your customers.

Crisp event management

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Group Registration & Private Events

If you need a solution for private events and don't want a public ticket page, we have you covered. Group registration is a great tool for runs, concerts and other social events where you might want to form team to drive more signups.

Discount & Access Codes

Create discount codes, or use access codes if you are using daily deals such as Groupon or Living Social to make ticket redemption easy. Easily create one off codes or load thousands in at once by uploading a CSV.

Multi-User Options

Manage multiple users on your team and give them exactly the level of access you want them to have. You can give users admin access or limit their access to specific actions on a single event.

Promote Your Event

Send emails to your contacts from within Ticketbase, send invites to all of your Facebook friends or specify certain friends. Last, you can incentive your attendees to share your event on Facebook by offering them a discount on their purchase for sharing the event with their friends.

Manage Event & Check in

Ticketbase provides you with data on orders, ticket sales, tie in Google Analytics to get a detailed view of where your customers are coming from. Use Ticketbase mobile apps and our web based check in feature to make onsite registration a breeze.