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August 13, 2017 Sunday from 01:00 PM to 04:30 PM (EDT)
Parkview Warsaw YMCA 1305 Mariners Drive Indiana

About FAST Defense Against Armed Assailants Level II - Warsaw, IN

This Level 2 FAST Weapons Defense Course picks up where Level 1 leaves off. In Level 1 participants learned options for dealing with static weapon threats, such as a knife held to the throat or a gun to the head. Now take the next step to Turning Fear Into Power by learning simple but effective skills for dealing with dynamic knife and club attacks.

Although there is never a guarantee, the fact is that people who are trained correctly and determined to fight for their lives usually prevail against armed attackers. Much of this training involves overcoming many of our beliefs and fears concerning weapons as depicted by movies, press, and horror stories from assault victims who simply didn’t know any better.

Learn simple but effective defenses against the following dynamic attacks:
-Knife Slashes
-Knife Thrusts
-Stick, Club, Blunt Trauma Weapons
-And more…

Students will then practice these simple proven techniques and apply them FULL-FORCE against a padded assailant!

WHEN: Sunday August 13, 2017 - 1pm to 4:30pm
WHERE: Parkview Warsaw YMCA
COST: $60

Suitable for women, men, and teens ages 13 and older.

Previous attendance to the FAST Armed Assailants 1 course or another basic FAST Defense course is highly beneficial prior to taking this Level 2 course but it is not absolutely necessary. First-time attendees are welcome!

Pre-registration required. Space is limited!.

Presented by FAST Defense Global President, Todd Miller.
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Parkview Warsaw YMCA

Parkview Warsaw YMCA 1305 Mariners Drive Warsaw Indiana USA 46582

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About the Organizer

Steve Zorn - Personal Safety Unlimited

Steve Zorn has been involved in the field of personal safety for 27 years. He has cross-trained in a variety of martial arts, self-defense, and combatives systems; including various law enforcement and crime prevention programs. His accomplishments include- Founder of Personal Safety Unlimited Founder of Simple Defense Holder of multiple martial arts black belts Certified CQC instructor Certified law enforcement instructor Certified child safety instructor Certified women's self-defense instructor Certified Kid Escape Instructor Certified FAST Defense Instructor Certified USCCA firearms instructor Creator of numerous specialized self-defense courses Former self-defense instructor for United Airlines Designated International Crime Prevention Specialist Over the years he has had the privilege of providing services to men, women, children, teens, and seniors from all walks of life. Along with offering regular courses Steve continues to pursue advanced training and certifications each year. He specializes in women's self-defense / rape prevention, edged weapon use and defense, and adrenal stress response training.

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